Thank you for your interest in Cork!

Cork is, and always will be, open source.
You can always compile it from the source code.

Pre-compiled versions are available from my private Homebrew tap,
which you get access to by buying Cork.

You will get all future updates for free.

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Supports macOS 13+

The Ultimate Homebrew Companion

With Cork, you can say goodbye to the Terminal.

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Screenshot of Cork's start page Cork Icon

Cork is the best Homebrew interface available

No alternative even comes close

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Cork Lets You...

Install Effortlessly

Try out new things.

Cork has a smart way of finding packages, both Formulae and Casks.

Just look them up, press Install, and it's done!

Screenshot of the Installation feature

Add Any Tap

Expand you horizons.

A package you want is not available by default? No worries

All you have to do is write in the Tap name, and you'll have access to hundreds more packages.

Screenshot of a successful tap tap

Keep Brew in Check

Take care of those pesky caches.

Over time, you'll have accumulated a couple of hundred megabytes of various caches.

Not to worry, not only can you see information Brew likes to hide from you, you can also delete all caches and free up lots of space.

Screenshot of possible maintenance tasks

Uninstall Anything

As if it was never there.

Have a package that is no longer useful? Just press Uninstall.

As if it was never there to begin with.

Screenshot of a pointer pointing to the Uninstall button

See Package Info...

No detail will escape you.

There is much information that Homebrew doesn't make easily available.

With Cork, all of it is in the palm of your hand. From how much package caches are taking up, to all the dependencies. And even a few extras.

Screenshot of all package infos expanded

...and Tap Info

Be on top of the repo.

It can be very difficult to see what your taps are made of.

Until now. Cork shows you all the info you could ever need.

Screenshot of tap infos expanded

Service Yourself

What happens in the background, stays in the background.

Make use of full support for Homebrew services.

Start, stop, see them all.

Screenshot of tap infos expanded

Speaks your language

Truly worldwide.

Cork is not only in English.

Chinese, Russian, French, and more.

Screenshot of Cork in French Screenshot of Cork in Russian Screenshot of Cork in Chinese

Why Try Out Cork?

As Easy to Use as Can Be

Your grandma can use Cork.

One of the core philosophies of Cork was ease of use.

I did frequent user testing with my mom and grandma to deliver a seamless experience for everyone.

So Lightweight

You won't even know it's there

Cork has been optimized to use as few system resources as possible.

At most, it uses about 0.6% of RAM on the weakest Mac available.

Written For the Modern Mac

Written using the most modern technologies.

Cork uses the most modern Mac-first technologies to deliver a fast and lightweight experience

It's written in mostly SwiftUI, with AppKit sprinkled here and there.

Free and Open Source

You can always peek into the source.

I believe that software should be open source and available for all.

That's why Cork is no exception.

Only Cork fulfills all your requirements